Our Philosophy

Midwifery Care is based on the belief that pregnancy and childbirth are normal life processes. At Lakeland Midwifery Care we maintain a women’s centered approach to prenatal care and birth. Central to our philosophy is a trust in the power of a woman’s body to birth her baby.This approach to childbirth is proven to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma and cesarean section.

You will be cared for by Florida Licensed Midwives who are trained specialist in normal pregnancy and birth.

Lakeland Midwifery Care understands the importance of these care practices that support normal birth in any setting

Labor begins on it’s own: your health care provider should give you clear medical indications for inducing labor

Freedom of movement throughout labor: This means avoiding interventions that restrict movement unless it is medically necessary

Continuous labor support

No routine interventions

Spontaneous pushing in an upright or gravity neutral position

No separation of mother and baby after birth

Unlimited opportunities to breastfeed

Midwifery Model of Care

How is the midwifery model of care different from the medical model. In a small intimate practice we know who you are. We schedule a minimum of 30 minutes for each appointment and more time if needed. In addition to helping you navigate through various medical tests we will discuss your nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices that keep your pregnancy low risk. The care you receive is evidence based. What does this mean?

The practice of evidence-based care means integrating individual clinical knowledge with the best available research. By compassionate consideration of women’s rights, and preferences in making decisions about their care, we create a model that best serves the needs of our families. Our approach begins with the belief that women know how to grow and birth their babies.